Updates from Africa and Samaritan's Purse


Dr. Reddy continues to support Samaritan's Purse, World Medical Mission by sending medical equipment as it is replaced in Prime Healthcare facilities. While it may be outdated here in the U.S., it is of great help to those who cannot access similar care. Dr. Reddy, through the Dr. Prem Reddy Family Foundation, generously foots the bill to ship selected items donated by Prime Healthcare to Samaritan's Purse, who then ships it to hospitals and clinics around the globe.

The partnership began when John Morris, a nurse from Desert Valley Hospital, saw a need while doing volunteer work in West Africa and made the connection. He approached Dr. Reddy, who immediately agreed to help support such a great cause, helping to provide medical care to those in need.

Prime Healthcare equipment is currently being used in the EGBE Hospital in Nigeria, featured in the photo below, where it serves nearly 1,500 patients per month. This teaching hospital is now served by 69 staff members and able to provide 121 beds, 2 operating rooms, and a maternity ward, making it a valuable asset to the community.

Additional supplies will be sent to a hospital being re-built in Liberia which is expected to open in 2014.

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